Facelift – GUI Upgrade Specification


Kopel Reem has rich experience in conducting facelifts of Magic applications and systems. The facelift consists of automatic generation of code to change the application's "look and feel." This includes mass changes to colors and fonts on screens without affecting the output structure.

The first stage in this process is mapping of the different types of controls in the user interface screens. Then, Kopel Reem develops a Standards component which will define the compatible models and the respective attributes of each model. The Standards component enables standardization of the user interface across all applications.


The Facelift process is performed together with the customer, beginning with the definitions of the GUI attributes. Once the definitions are complete, Kopel Reem will convert a few selected screens and deliver them to the customer for approval. Upon receiving final approval from the customer for these deliverables, Kopel Reem will run the full conversion process on all the online applications.

At the completion of this process, each control (handler) in the GUI will be associated to its respective model. From this point forward, the customer may make changes at the model level using the Standards component and these changes will be automatically applied to all system applications.


Examples for "GUI Display" Model:

  • Screen

  • Controls ( Line, Rectangle, Group)

  • Dispersed Edit fields that are not linked to a Table

  • Edit fields that are linked to a Table

  • Dispersed Output fields that are not linked to a Table

  • Updatable Output fields that are linked to a Table

  • Field title, general screen title

  • Tables and table column

NOTE: This specification relates solely to the online screens and does not cover output structures.



Kopel Reem will perform the following activities related to buttons:

  • Change the button to an animated button

  • Locate the field linked to the button

  • Change place in the field by defining logical name + file name of the image file in the field connected to the button (the system will create Excel file containing the button name and file name).

  • Basic Excel spreadsheet containing the existing images for the buttons will be provided by Kopel Reem.